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Customer Journey
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Contract Handling
Employee Onboarding

Do you rent out or sell physical products? Then, we have the ideal customer and product journey setup for you. Imagine automated touch points and streamlined processes from initial contact and shipping to the return of your product. Deliver outstanding customer service and engagement and create a feeling of customer first at every step of the way.

Let NOA take over and provide the foundations for an excellent customer journey. Our Journey Command Center offers a comprehensive overview of each customer's journey and puts the power to trigger processes at your fingertips.

Customer Journey

Reduce manual effort

Increase customer satisfaction

Ensure reliable journey execution

Create best-in-class customer touch points

Create internal and external contracts based on pre-defined templates and drastically reduce repetitive work. In fact, we enable you to create any type of document instantly at the click of a button. Our automations send out your documents digitally or even as physical letters.

Are you curious about our innovative approach to handling incoming physical mail? Contact us now for more details!

Contract & Document Handling

Speed up document creation

Reduce repetitive workload

Eliminate manual errors

Handle documents with ease and save time & money

The importance of this process for employee engagement is often underestimated. Show your employees appreciation by implementing personalized onboarding procedures for every new team member. If you already have an onboarding tool in place, fantastic! We're here to assist you in optimizing and streamlining your processes to maximize its benefits. This includes managing onboarding tasks with automated assignments & reminders and maintaining up-to-date onboarding materials consistently.

The smoother the onboarding experience, the better. Let us help you make those crucial first moments count!

Employee Onboarding

Strengthen employee engagement

Manage tasks & reduce manual work

Personalise the experience

Professionalise your onboarding process

Our automation takes the reins of your sales process, accelerating the journey from outreach to contract closing, resulting in a boosted conversion rate. Easily integrate with your CRM system, or allow us to set one up for you. Automated offer delivery and communication increase leads’ satisfaction, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Achieve scalable sales operations while using fewer resources. Let us transform your sales strategy into an efficient and customer-centric powerhouse.

Sales Automation

Fill your sales pipeline

Boost conversion rates

Scale your business & increase profits

Support your sales team with game-changing lead conversion

Allow AI to handle incoming customer requests by relying on your knowledge base to employ smart categorisation of requests. Create automatically personalised responses tailored to your unique product or service. Experience a significant reduction in manual workload for your customer specialists, freeing them to concentrate on more complex cases.

Elevate your service ratings on platforms like Google and Trustpilot and make your business more appealing to potential customers!

AI-empowered Customer Service

Improve customer service quality

Reduce response times and manual effort

Boost your reputation

Reduce response times with the power of AI and automations

Many businesses still handle invoice creation and delivery manually. We take that off your plate with an end-to-end solution streamlining the entire process, from creating & sending invoices to tracking incoming payments, and issuing reminders for overdue payments. Seamlessly connect with your CRM system for always up-to-date information.

Access payment reports whenever needed, ensuring you maintain a clear overview of this crucial part of your business. Let us tell you personally how our solution guarantees timely payments.


No more manual invoice creation

Save time with automated checks

Eliminate manual errors

Manage all outgoing invoices automatically