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We connect all of your systems - with intelligent automations and custom software to maximum productivity.

Automation as a Service

complex automated business process
complex automated business process

We employ automations across your business, for various tasks ranging from document creation and data validation to intelligent decision-making and inter-system communication. Powered by the latest and most secure AI tools, if needed. We identify bottlenecks and automation opportunities in your processes, enabling your employees to concentrate on human-centric tasks.

Our automations ensure efficiency and scalability, delivering tangible business benefits. And don’t worry, we provide ongoing support, maintaining and expanding operations as needed through comprehensive KPI and performance monitoring.

Enhanced Productivity & Scalability

360° Support

ArtificaI Intelligence and You

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and a game-changer for all businesses. To benefit from its full potential, industry leaders turn to tailored solutions that seamlessly merge with their existing operations. We ride the cutting edge of AI to equip your team with the insights required for smart decision-making, for example in customer service.

Combine AI and automations to unlock the full range of opportunities and substantially boost your productivity across all departments!

AI neural network
AI neural network


Intelligent decision-making

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Custom Tools

Every company is unique. Standard SaaS products force companies to adapt due to their lack of customizability. Multiple providers lead to compatibility issues and high fees. We believe tools should fit to your business, simplify operations, and spare your budget. Our products consolidate data from multiple sources, manage various tasks, and flawlessly integrate with your existing setup.

Our collaborative creation process gives you boundless customization options and ensures that your team maximizes its benefits. Best of all? We deliver high-quality custom solutions in weeks, not months. Custom is the way to go!

Tailored high-quality solutions

Loved by employees

Data Optimization & Analytics

Data-driven automations allow your company to operate with unmatched precision and agility. For that, you need a reliable and suitable data back-end. We provide robust data management solutions ensuring the integrity, security and accessibility of your critical information. You have already got that covered? Then we support you in fine-tuning your infrastructure to ensure scalability and operation at peak efficiency.

Our analytical capabilities enable you to create insightful reports in real-time. Be on top of your sales process or monitor incoming payments. We help you being proactive by detecting inefficiencies and staying ahead of challenges.

data management and analytics dashboard
data management and analytics dashboard

Future-proof infrastructure

Precise real-time insights

What our clients say about us

"NOA maintains and extends our entire automation landscape. That frees up valuable resources for development and operations, allowing us to focus on growing the business."

– Nimar Blume | CTO at sento.io