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General Questions

What is Automation as a Service (AaaS)?

Automation as a Service means not only optimising existing processes, setting up suitable automations and implementing customised software, but also providing comprehensive support. We maintain, adapt and further develop your solutions together with your team.

What are custom tools?

A custom tool is a web-based software that is precisely tailored to your company and your processes. This is your command centre - gone are the days when you had to click through a multitude of different tools. We unify your data from a wide variety of sources in a user-friendly interface and make it available where it is needed for the respective user. Our automations work in the background or at the push of a button and ensure maximum efficiency.

Which type of processes can NOA automate?

NOA specializes in automating digital tasks that are typically performed manually by employees on a computer. In this regard, we do not just focus on individual tasks but also integrate all databases, platforms, and software applications used in these processes.

 I do not see a use case for my company. How can NOA help?

Almost every (partially) standardised digital process offers opportunities for automation. But automation is not always useful. Before we consider an implementation, we conduct a thorough analysis in a workshop. Here we check whether our services are suitable for your business. We will give you new ideas and help you identify suitable processes.

What measurable benefits have other organizations gained from using NOA's services?

The key benefits of our solutions can be found here. If you are looking for a suitable application, look here.

Can you share some success stories or case studies from other organizations?

Of course we can! We have a large number of case studies that we can send you on request. We would also be happy to discuss them in more detail in a personal meeting.

NOA's Solutions

 How does NOA and my company work together?

You can find an overview of our approach here. We will determine the details of our collaboration together after defining your requirements.

Can NOA's solutions be integrated with our existing systems?

We primarily work with APIs. If these are available, seamless integration is easily possible. Even if your systems lack such interfaces, we can usually still establish a connection. Talk to us, we are here to help!

Do NOA's solutions fit our organization's needs and workflows?

Absolutely. We place a 100% emphasis on customer orientation and develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs and workflows of your organization.

How long does it usually take before NOA's solutions are ready for use?

The implementation time of our solutions largely depends on the complexity of the respective project. With our innovative Low-Code approach, we can significantly reduce development times compared to traditional software development. Typically, project durations range from two weeks for simpler tasks to up to six months for more extensive projects. However, please note that these timeframes are estimates, and our top priority is always to deliver the highest quality within an efficient timeframe.

What is the process for transitioning from our current systems to NOA's solutions?

Transitioning to NOA's solutions is a streamlined process designed to ensure no disruptions to your operations. During development, our solutions run concurrently with your existing systems, assuring uninterrupted service. After comprehensive testing, our solution is deployed at a predetermined time. We adhere to clearly defined milestones, consistently evaluating our progress to match your expectations. A central aspect of our approach is to sustain your daily business operations seamlessly. Ultimately, our aim is to provide a smooth and efficient transition that resonates with your company's needs.

How user-friendly is the software that NOA provides? What level of technical expertise is required to use it?

Our software stands out for its utmost user-friendliness. We tailor it specifically to your needs and ensure that anyone on your team, regardless of their technical background, can use it effortlessly. Our tools are designed to be accessible to both experts and individuals without technical expertise alike.

How easy is it to adapt NOA's solutions when processes change?

We understand that business processes are dynamic and can evolve over time. The flexibility and adaptability of our solutions are central aspects of our offering. Our systems are designed to be modular and flexible, allowing for easy expansion and optimization. NOA's experts are on hand to ensure that your automation solutions are always up-to-date and perfectly aligned with your business processes.

Support and Pricing

What kind of support does NOA offer to help our team to learn how to use the new solutions?

It is crucial to us that your team can work seamlessly with our solutions. Therefore, during the testing and Go-Live phases, we provide intensive training sessions. These sessions, led by our experts, ensure that your staff not only understand the tools but also recognize how they are optimally integrated into the business processes. Throughout this, we maintain close communication with your team to answer questions and ensure everyone is comfortable with the new solutions.

Is there ongoing support from NOA after the implementation of the new solutions?

For collaboration with us, we offer two options:

Option #1: After development, you take full control of the solutions we've crafted and implemented. During the project, we provide comprehensive training to your staff on the new systems, ensuring they're well-equipped for the transition.

Option #2: Should you prefer, we can remain as your long-term dedicated partner, providing ongoing support for the solutions. Our Service Level Agreement ensures prompt response times and swift resolution of any issues you might face.

How does NOA guarantee an adequate level of service?

Our sophisticated monitoring system keeps us one step ahead: any failure or malfunction is detected in real time. This allows us to respond and resolve problems in the shortest possible time. In addition, each of our automation solutions is equipped with a dedicated error handling system that can automatically correct common errors, such as those caused by API limits. Reliability is paramount for our customers. We ensure this through maintenance contracts and fixed service level agreements.

What is the pricing structure for NOA's solutions?

The pricing structure of NOA is based on the individual complexity of each project to best meet the needs of our clients. The following components are integral to our pricing structure:

  • Project Fee: When taking on a new project, we charge a one-time fee. This covers an in-depth process analysis in which we understand your requirements, followed by tailor-made software development that aligns precisely with your needs. Finally, the solution is seamlessly integrated into your existing system.

  • Optional Support Fee: After successful implementation, clients have the option to avail our extended support. This fee ensures the continuous maintenance and troubleshooting of the implemented software. Moreover, it provides you with the opportunity to make changes or updates to the software should your processes evolve over time.

Security at NOA

What are NOA's security standards?

We ensure strict compliance with the required security standards for any software we develop. We comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). All server services we use are located within the EU and also operate to the latest enterprise security standards. All data exchanged between systems is encrypted. No client information is stored on local computers.

 How does NOA handle sensitive data?

We are uncompromising in our handling of sensitive data. We adhere to state-of-the-art security standards (see "What are your security standards?" for details). We do not store client information on local computers. Where necessary, we will sign confidentiality agreements with you.